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Application and services

This layer identifies the services and applications provided to the end user, who can be a consumer or an operator. It is often the only visible layer to the most part of people


The core level identifies the true platform, which connects all the data to the end services, identifying the right logic and the access privileges for the wanted data.


The level of data is the commom base and the lower level of our application model. Depending on the project and the solutions we want to provide, the data can be managed with public or private encrypted distribution systems, using for example blockchain and smart contract tecnology, or other p2p tecnologies, or even with traditional databases.

Our work includes a vast selection of Solutions, Application and Integrations.

Projects range from designing new Software as a Service platforms to mobile and cloud-deployed applications.

Loyalty, Prizes, Couponing

Loyalty Campaign Management System
Prize Contest Management Systems
Ticketing applications
Digital Couponing Solutions

Custom Platforms

Graphic Content Management System
Supply Chain Integrations
Logistics Integrations
Delivery Applications

IoT, AI, Blockchain & more

IoT & Artificial Intelligence
Fintech Applications
E-voting applications
E-learning Platforms
RESTful API Platforms

Apps & more

Native & Hybrid Applications
Web & Mobile Applications
Responsive Websites
E-commerce websites




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+386 (0)5 5555.550