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Cloud Application Development & Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a model of accessing a shared pool of computing resources like networks, storage, services, and applications on demand without worrying about how these resources are made available. The resources have the intelligence to be rapidly provisioned depending on the need.

Cloud applications allow you to rapidly and securely scale your solution as your user base grows. Using a cloud deployed system allows you to streamline processes, increase collaboration among employees, and reduce spending on technology infrastructure—no matter the app.


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Highly scalable, performance focused SaaS architecture design and implementation;

HIPAA compliant healthcare applications design and development;

High security application design and development.


Amazon Web Services

We deploy cloud solutions via Amazon Web Services public cloud platform and Azure. AWS and Azure are a powerful and flexible solution that easily integrates into your existing system.

Our solution’s deployment is a fully automated process where the build server is configured to automatically deploy software to the production environment.

Continuous integration is the practice, in software engineering, of merging all developer working copies with a shared mainline. Its main aim is to prevent integration problems. This approach leads to significantly reduced integration problems and allows our team to develop cohesive software more rapidly with less opportunities for cost and time overruns.


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