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Increase your customer membership effect with Loyalty Venue platform

Enkronos has just released its Loyalty Venue platform that allows companies to easily create their own loyalty campaigns to reward their most loyal customers.

Loyalty Venue has developed a powerful integrated application technology for the management of loyalty programs (loyalty card, loyalty campaigns etc).

Brands will be able to attach their loyalty promotions and their loyalty card to the Loyalty Venue System and secure “virtual” scores, which give the right to prizes, based on a catalog.

Loyalty Venue therefore configures a system of creation and maintenance of the digital catalog that enables the realization of product cards and points needed to receive them. The catalog may be managed directly by the loyalty program manager, or we can fill it in through an optional service.

Thanks to the responsive online technology your customers can easily sign up, redeem their points and check their current point balance in your Loyalty Venue program from anywhere on every device with web connection. They can order their desired prizes directly from the Web Catalog and receive them at home.

Our user friendly loyalty solutions can be fully customized with your company’s corporate image and graphic layout.

Your employees can rapidly enter transactions using a simple dashboard at point of sale, retail and online shop or let customers to sign-in and upload their earned points themselves. They can easily manage prize orders and deliveries from 1 single dashboard.

You can create, or upload your own unique codes directly from your admin dashboard, setting their validity dates and monitoring their usage for customer care and support activities.

Loyalty programs are very likely to increase visits to your business, thanks of customer membership effect. Successfully retaining even only a small part of the customer base can increase a lot of business revenue.

Loyalty Venue is based on an architecture that includes an integration component with functional modules and internal and external services, based on RESTful API technology, for users with SSO authentication (single sign-on).

The technology also allows extensive customization that may be required by the existence of particular constraints or systems used by customers. Loyalty Venue is natively multi-language and multi-country compliant.

If your Company needs to organize a promotional campaign, contact us for any information about Loyalty Venue.

Gianluca Busato
CEO – Enkronos d.o.o.


Great success for TTN Nova Gorica Official Community Launch Event hosted by Enkronos

Great success today for the launch event of The Things Network (TTN) Official Community of Nova Gorica, hosted in Enkronos Auditorium, in the International Business Center in Šempeter pri Gorici, Slovenija.

Almost 100 people attended the event, mostly entrepreneurs, startuppers and students.

After an introduction of Luka Manojlovic, the program saw the speeches of Robert Ambrož (Presentation of The Things Network Community), The CEO of Enkronos Gianluca Busato (IoT Business Applications: from Wine and Agriculture to Smart Homes and Cities) and of Tom Puc (Beyond the theory and media hype: practical use cases).

After the speeches there have been a public debate with questions from guests.

The event has been also covered by the national Slovenian tv RTV SLO and it was also availaible in Facebook live streaming on Enkronos page.

During the event Gianluca Busato presented FeelGrid, the new Enkronos’ IoT Empowering Platform.

Staff Enkronos d.o.o.


Enkronos hosts The Things Network Nova Gorica Official Community Launch Event

Enkronos is proud to host The Things Network Nova Gorica Official Community Launch Event!


Friday, May 5, 2017
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM CEST
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Enkronos is technological partner of TTN communities in Nova Gorica and Treviso.

Let’s build an open, free and community-owned Internet of Things data network for Goriška Region!
Our mission is to provide the entire Goriška with Internet of Things data connectivity by crowdsourcing the network infrastructure from technology enthusiasts and local businesses.

Open and secure LoRaWAN technology enable an entire new class of use cases for the Internet of Things. We already have started the process, installed standard LoRaWAN gateways and we already provide free connectivity.

Join us as we unleash TTN Nova Gorica and become an official community of The Things Network!

Program of the Event:

  • 11.00 Arrival and Registration – tea, coffee, biscuits
  • 11.15 Presentations
    • Introduction to Internet of Things (SLO), Robert Ambrož
    • Presentation of The Things Network Community (SLO/ENG with virtual participation of initiators of The Things Network), Robert Ambrož
    • IoT Business Applications: from Wine and Agriculture to Smart Homes and Cities (ENG), Gianluca Busato (Enkronos)
    • Beyond the theory and media hype: practical use cases (SLO/ENG), Tom Puc
  • 12.15 Q&A
  • 12.30 Networking
  • 12.45 End

During the event we will introduce FeelGrid, our new IoT Empowering Platform.

For more info & RSPV contact

Staff Enkronos d.o.o.


A future, indeed a present increasingly Artificial Intelligence enhanced

The interest around the artificial intelligence applications has grown tremendously in recent times, so as to collect, according to CB Insight, more than $ 6 billion of venture capital funding in the past 5 years with 1098 with deals concluded. From 2011 to 2015 AI equity funding grew by 746% with $ 2.4 billion. The growth trend has continued in 2016, so much so that in the first quarter closed deals were 143, 36% more than in the previous quarter.

There are many sectors of industrial application of artificial intelligence, such as for example:

  • Conversational AI / Bots
  • Vision
  • Auto
  • Robotics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • AD, Sales, CRM
  • Core AI
  • Healthcare
  • Text Analysis / Generation
  • IOT / IIOT
  • Commerce
  • Fintech & Insurance
  • Other (agriculture, climatology, education, HR etc.).

Within a few years most of the companies can no longer easily ignore the integration of their business processes with AI technologies enabling the maintenance of its competitive potential in the market.

The sectors that have most invested in AI and cognitive systems in 2016 were banking and retail, followed by health care and manufacturing. Together, these industries we will generate more than half of the revenue in 2016, with the banking and retail that each generate $ 1.5 billion. In the four years 2016-2020 will be healthcare and manufacturing to grow at the highest rate, which will be annually respectively by 69.3% and 61.4%.

Most of the revenue, almost half of the total, will be realized by the software, which includes both the cognitive applications (for example, analysis of texts and multimedia, tagging, search, machine learning, categorization, clustering, hypothesis generation, answers to questions, vision, filtering, alerting and navigation) that the cognitive software platforms that facilitate the development of intelligent, consulting and cognitive enhanced solutions.

Developing digital strategies and platforms – both own (such as Contest Dream and Loyalty Venue) and for third parties – Enkronos is increasingly integrating artificial intelligence services and applications. Here are some areas of most interest for the development of artificial intelligence enhanced digital platforms to which we are working:

  • machine learning
    • deep learning
    • predictive analysis
  • natural language processing (NLP)
    • translation
    • classification, clustering
    • information extraction
  • speech
    • speech recognition
    • text to speech
  • expert systems
  • planning, scheduling, optimization
  • robotics
  • vision
    • image recognition
    • machine vision
    • face recognition
    • gesture recognition
    • emotion recognition
    • pose estimation

In conclusion, although perhaps appears to many futuristic the prediction of Elon Musk that human beings will become a sort of cyborg to compete with artificial intelligence, it is rather clear to most that companies in every industry cannot afford to watch passively to the growth of this technology.

Gianluca Busato
CEO – Enkronos d.o.o.


Create your Prize Contests and your Loyalty Promotions from one single simple dashboard

If you have to organize prize contests or Loyalty promotional campaigns, thanks to Enkronos platform development, now you can do it from a simple control dashboard.

Prize Contests

Contest Dream let you to easily organize prize contests for every need:

    • National Contests. Promotions organized in a particular state.
    • International Contests. Promotions organized in two or more states at the same time
    • Contests B2C. Contests which involve the participation of final consumers.
    • Contests B2B. In this case the target could be a particular sector of companies, that the company wants to involve ad award since they are their clients or prospects.
    • Incentive Contests that involve, for example sales departments or resellers..
    • Company Contests. Contests open to participation only for the employees of a company.

Contest Dream platform enables the widest possibilities of publication, in line with your communication objectives:

    • On Contest Dream platform: This option requires only the simple signing of a subscription. Each contest can be published on website directly from your business account of Contest Dream.
    • Embedded in any web site: this option requires only a simple subscription to a plan. Each contest can be published on any web site, simply embedding a code row that can be copied and pasted from your Contest Dream account.
    • On a customized micro-site: this is an add-on option that can be ordered at the special price of 990.00 € (+ vat) see example
    • On a customized complex web site: this is an option that can be created with a simple subscription to a plan developing any kind of web site connected to Contest Dream Platform by our API system with an apptoken key you can find in your Contest Dream account (see example).
    • On Facebook: this option requires only a simple subscription to a plan. Each contest can be published directly on Facebook from your Contest Dream account.

    On any other social media: this option requires only a simple subscription to a plan. Each contest can be published directly on any social network simply sharing its link.

You can organize contests with all of the game mechanisms already existing in the platform capabilities, or you can order your personal custom feature made for your promotional contest.
Get in touch today for all information about Contest Dream or subscribe online and create a contest yourself.

Loyalty Campaigns

Enkronos now offers also the new Loyalty Venue platform that allows companies to easily create their own loyalty campaigns  to reward their most loyal customers.

The brands will engage their loyalty promotions and their loyalty card to the Loyalty Venue system and doing so, secure “virtual” scores, which give the right to prizes, according to a catalog.

End users will be able to access the site dedicated to the loyalty campaign to upload their points and order awards from the catalog according to their scores, or even with the advance formula of anticipated points

The entire site of Loyalty campaign could be realized easily directly from the dedicated admin panel from which the company (either directly, or through our consultancy service) can program content, associated scores to promotional products, awards catalog their scores and any payment systems, as well as view and download all the data, and reports on their loyalty campaign.

Loyalty Venue is based on an architecture that includes an integration component with functional modules and internal and external services, based on RESTful API technology, for users with SSO authentication (single sign-on).

The technology also allows extensive customization that may be required by the existence of particular constraints or systems used by customers.

Contact us today for any information about Loyalty Venue.


Gianluca Busato

CEO – Enkronos d.o.o.


Many news on Contest Dream, now also in German language

Contest Dream, the online platform for creating contests and promotions started 2017 with some big news. We have indee released some new type of games and features that expand the possibilities in organizing contests and have fun playing.

Among which we point out:

  • Final Draw “Solo”: now it is possible to create promotions with a single final extraction. Previously promotions with final draw were possible, but only combined with other promotion types. Now this constraint no longer exist . Here you can find all the information needed to create a promotion with single final draw:;
  • Facebook: now you can create a contest on facebook page. To publish a contest on facebook follow the instructions you find on the;
  • Contest creation with wizard. A newly developed interface easier to use for create contests based on wizard that help to configure the desired promotion much faster: here you can learn how to create a contest:;
  • The boosted functionality of incorporation of a contest on websites: now you can publish a contest even in sites created with wordpress, allowing anyone to create and publish their contest with no knowledge of computer programming; to incorporate a contest in your wordpress site follow these simple instructions:;
  • The version in German: . Contest Dream is enhanced by a new language, which soon will be joined by others. If you have special requirements of language version not yet published, ask for them. With a powerful localization engine that we developed, our platform now can be translated into any language in a few weeks (with some forethought and extra time for oriental languages or non-latin alphabets).

The ability to create contests now is therefore even easier with Contest Dream.

Of course any mechanism may be added according to the specific requirements of a promotion with customizations that allow to take advantage of the availability of multiple basic already made functionalities.

In the same way it is also possible to request custom statistical reports in addition to the already developed and available on the platform.

As always, thanks to powerful integration architecture native in our application, you can organize contests that fit individual communication and budget needs.

You can for instance dedicate all your resources to design, creating a customized solution of great communicative effect (that can be provided by us or your agency of trust), while we will take care of the technology below it.

In less than 10 minutes you can create your promotion, and install it on your site.

Contest Dream has been entirely created by Enkronos, tech company specializing in the development of powerful platforms and digital applications in many areas, including: Loyalty, Prize Contests, Ticketing, Digital Couponing, Delivery, Fintech, E-payment, e-voting, E-learning, CMS, CRM, Graphic, Supply Chain. Logistics, E-commerce, Hybrid & Native Mobile App. Our team has many years of experience with leading European and international companies.

The more complicated are the platforms that our Customers requires the more we amuse ourselves.

Gianluca Busato
CEO – Enkronos d.o.o.